Friday, March 25, 2011

Putting Things in Perspective

If you frequent any message boards that cater to bloggers, there is a common theme that runs across every site, "How do I get more followers on my blog?" I will admit, I have posted those threads and been slightly upset that no one seems to have the magical answer.  It took a discussion with my pastor to put things in perspective for me and lead me to ask Christ to place contentment in my heart with the growth of my blog.

Pastor Sue has been a huge source of encouragement for me as I have begun this ministry. For the first time ever, I too the news of my calling to her rather than to a member of my family. As strange as it may sound, my first email to her solidified that I was doing what He wants me to do.  You see, I've always placed clergy on some sort of pedestal and viewed them as too busy to focus on my joys and concerns.  Yes, I know that's foolish but the pastors of my youth were somewhat intimidating.

Earlier this week, I was in her office and we were talking about the blog. I told her how many page views my blog is getting per day.  Now, I'm not unhappy with how many I have but, as with anything, I would love to have more. Then, she told me that she doesn't get that many people into the seats in church on Sunday.  That really hit me. Maybe I'm not doing as bad as I thought since I have people choosing to come to my site daily and every single day I have more views than we have members in church. Boy, sounds like I need to just take what the Lord has given me and be happy with it!

In some ways, I think we are even more driven to have huge numbers when we view our blogs as a ministry to others. If you choose to spread God's Word with people, you want to spread it to the masses. When you start to feel that way, perhaps it's time to remember that some of the greatest work performed by Jesus and his disciples was done in front of very few people.


  1. You should be happy!!! You have about 30 more followers than me, and I've been blogging since Janurary. I'm okay with not being the biggest blog out there, because to know that there are 53 people who care enough to stop by my blog, is enough! Your doing fabulous. :)

  2. Loving your pastors perspective on things! What a wise woman! They need all the encouragement they can get eh?!

  3. Yes, what great insight from your pastor. Thanks for the encouragement!


  4. thanks, I needed to hear that this week.
    I honestly think I have about 5 followers, but they are people who take the time out of their busy lives to read something that I write. It is an honor.



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