Friday, March 25, 2011

My Faith Friday #2

Today, I don't have a guest blogger for My Faith Friday, so I'm writing something up at 2am. I really hope that since Bubba is just now going back to sleep we'll be able to sleep in a bit.  I can dream!

Yesterday, I took a huge step for me.  I shared part of my story with our Bible Study group at church. You see, I can talk to readers who are on the other side of a computer connection all day but I'm still a bit nervous at times to talk to those I know about where my faith is and where I'm hoping it will go.  Pastor keeps saying to me, "I really hope you can share your testimony with the church someday." and the thought scared me to death! What if they all laugh at me? What if they don't take me seriously? Well, if the general church is anything like it was at study, I will have a much larger support system in place for what I'm trying to do!  

Tonight's study lesson was talking about Jesus at Gethsemane and how he told God that it was His will, not Jesus' will that was to be done.  That led to a couple of fascinating conversations that I hope to share with you before Easter, but that's not this story...

The conversation question asked about a time we felt anxiety about saying, "not my will but Your will be done."  I knew it was time to share and I did.  I explained how I got to where I am today with the blog and a little of what I hope to do.  When I was done, one participant thanked me for sharing and many of them asked for my blog address.  (If any of you are reading this, THANK YOU for supporting me emotionally!)

I learned an important lesson today, that we can't underestimate the good that can be done by sharing our stories. I truly hope that, in time, everyone who reads this blog will feel comfortable to share their story of faith. It may not be on the blog, but somewhere to someone who needs to hear it!

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