My Story

In late 2010, I reached my rock bottom spiritually. I was beaten down by my own mistakes and certain the God could never love me. I reached a point where I was beginning to go down a dangerous path, exploring religions that would lead me directly away from Him and into the hands of false Gods.

Luckily, His hold on me was greater than my own will and I continued going to church during this time. While I was uncertain of my own beliefs, I couldn't risk placing doubt in my daughter's mind. It was during one of the church services that I felt Him fill my heart and turn my ears to what our pastor was saying. That began my walk back to Christ.

Very recently, I felt Him with me again during Sunday service. This time, He was telling me to trust Him and use the talents I had been given the spread The Word to others. I felt compelled to start blogging the 40 Days of Prayer challenge given to our church members.

Almost immediately after I began this blog, I was shown that I was on the right path. Having blogged in the past, I was ready to endure the handful of page views it would get and give the blog time to grow. Instead of the slow growth, I'm seeing daily growth with numbers that are typically seen when a blog has been around for six months or more. 

Now, I have accepted fully that God knows best what I am supposed to be doing. He is leading me to a writing ministry to help others and has recently started planting seeds for a speaking ministry as well. I'm hoping that in the coming months I will be able to see exactly what His plan is for me and I hope to reap the rewards of knowing that I have helped someone else!


  1. What a lovely story of God's faithfulness and how he leads us no matter what we do. Just hopping by from Blog Frog.

  2. Hi Heather, I just found you through S.I.T.S. Girls. I loved ready about the changes in your life and am looking forward to getting to know each other. Hope you'll op by and visit when you have the chance.

    Hugs...Tracy :)

  3. wow - God's calling me to write and to speak, and I have recently starting sharing faith stories on my blog. So very cool.



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