Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Leaving the Details to God

When I originally started this blog and it began to grow quickly, I worried about how God would provide for our family if I followed my calling to write and spread His word.  The answer came in the form of my husband being offered a job that he had wanted for over 3 years, one that paid well and offered insurance from almost the first day.

As the time passed, I went through a roller coaster of trusting in God and doubting my own contribution to the family. My husband, who most of my readers know is an unbeliever, was very upset with the amount of time I was devoting to a ministry and felt there were better things I could be doing. That's not why I stopped blogging, but I'm sure it played a part in the decision and the circumstances.

A few days ago, I decided that this blog was a major missing piece in the puzzle of me. I felt a purpose when I was spending time with Christ every day and praying for Him to give me a message to share with the world. The two hang-ups were my husband and the domain and hosting for the site we had built.

The answer to both "problems" came within 24 hours. First, Sydney worked tirelessly to find a way to bring the site back to life and purchased a new domain. That night, we stayed up late planning the rebirth of the Serve One Another in Love site, she dove into the design and I started writing new content.

The second solution came the next morning while my husband was at work. It seems that he's made quite the impression on some of the team leaders at his work and they are asking him to go out of town next week. This is not something they ask just anyone to do, so I'm very excited for my husband!  And this morning, he came home to tell me that his trip may be extended another week so he can visit other locations. The man who used to hop from job to job is stable where he is AND he's beginning to climb the ladder.

As of right now, I remember how amazing life can be when you leave the details to God. There's really no point worrying about them all the time because He knows what he's doing!

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